Case Study with Chase Vowell of Flux Accounting

March 24, 2022

Case Study with Chase Vowell of Flux Accounting

This week, we spoke to Chase who is the Founder and Chief Accountant of Flux Accounting. Chase is all about technology and customer success, we wanted to hear his thoughts on how LiveFlow’s Google Sheets Add-on  plays a role in his business delivering the best financial services to his clients.

What led you to founding Flux Accounting?

I always aspired to be an entrepreneur, and for me,I consider finance to be one of, if not the most vital part of a business. Whilst contracting with a CPA out in California, I noticed a gap in the market for exceptional customer service. Like every function of a business, to be at the top, you need to evolve. Which is why I’m a big believer in tech based solutions, which leads to spending more time with clients explaining their finances and planning for the future. 

That’s really inspiring! What does Flux Accounting do?

We’re a fast growing accounting and tax firm, delivering accounting, CFO advisory and tax planning for small businesses. We’re currently nine employees and pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality to our clients, whilst making it seem effortless by optimizing for the best technology. 

Nice! How was Tax Season for you this year?

We aim to progress and learn from every tax season, so we plan ahead in terms of how to deliver efficiently and reduce the amount of stress our employees go through. So this year was really smooth and a big part of that is automating manual processes. Timing is important to us, so we use tech tools to optimize for time and make tax season minimal effort for our clients.

Automating manual processes is a huge time saver! How are you finding LiveFlow?

We’re always on the look for the best tools to add to our tech stack, so when I came across LiveFlow I was super excited to see what we could do with live data. I love the fact of how customizable LiveFlow is, it allows us to manipulate live data without having to manually extract data from various sources, to create live reports and dashboards. I’m currently building a live tax dashboard for our clients, to increase our service’s value, as well as make understanding taxes easier for our clients. 

Some tools that I’m currently using to streamline business operations are and Fundbox.

Great, we’re really happy to hear that! How has LiveFlow helped you deliver the best experience for your clients?

Flux Accounting is growing rapidly, so we’re constantly optimising for the next year's increase in clients to continue growing exponentially. LiveFlow reduces manual work in financial reporting but also increases the value of the services we deliver. Using the data from LiveFlow, it allows us to create projections for tax which is super helpful for our clients to plan five years ahead.

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Even day to day when a client is asking for the most recent figures, it no longer takes 5-10 minutes to pull data from various sources. Now clients have access to Google Sheets with real time data, so it optimizes for my time as well as the clients. 

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