How to Get Clients as a Bookkeeper: 10 Tips to Grow Online

August 9, 2022

How to Get Clients as a Bookkeeper: 10 Tips to Grow Online

It goes without saying that customers are the lifeblood of your company. It might be difficult to find potential bookkeeping clients, especially beginning bookkeepers. Finding more clients and generating leads are two common struggles for accountants and bookkeepers. Fortunately, knowing how to get clients as a bookkeeper is a skill that you can develop and will benefit your organization for the duration of its existence.

This article will discuss a variety of inventive strategies and advertising avenues that may be used by both experienced and beginning bookkeepers to attract new clients.

What Is Bookkeeping?

For people who are unfamiliar with the discipline of bookkeeping or intend to pursue a career in it, Wikipedia's definition of it as the recording of financial transactions as a component of accounting in businesses and other organizations is the most accurate.

In more precise terms, bookkeeping is a crucial component of accounting that entails documenting and categorizing all daily business transactions that have taken place during the course of the company.

Bookkeeping benefits companies through:  

  • Financial Reports Creation
  • Taking notes on financial transactions.
  • Making debits and credits public.
  • Finishing payroll, etc.

Is it hard to Find Bookkeeping Clients?

According to statistics, the accounting sector generated $110 billion in revenue in 2020, making it a sizable industry. Those who pursue jobs in this area can earn good money. But not everything that glitters is gold.

Finding work in bookkeeping can be challenging, particularly for people who don't know where to find bookkeeping clients. The majority of people don't find their first client within the first few months of looking, but you may hear stories of people who did.

According to Taxdome reports, it took one expert bookkeeper 10 months to land their first customer, two years to transition to a part-time schedule, and a further year to become full-time. However the good news is with what we will be sharing here, both experienced and novice bookkeepers will learn how to get bookkeeping clients at a faster rate

How do Bookkeepers get Clients with no experience?

You'll discover ten of the quickest strategies to attract new clients with the help of this manual.

1. Acquire Certification or Sign Up for a Partner Program: You're up against lots of competition if you work as an accountant or bookkeeper. The entrance barrier is low in especially for bookkeeping because becoming a bookkeeper doesn't require particular education or experience,

Joining a partner program and earning certification for your accounting software are two excellent ways to achieve this. Many people advise using QuickBooks ProAdvisor as a platform. Many bookkeepers utilize this site to find customers. Once you are certified, it’s a terrific way to receive a steady stream of leads that are highly targeted.


2. Create a Professional Online Presence: With technology now permeating every aspect of life, having an online presence can help your business grow. Your website and social media accounts will be visited by prospective customers. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, interact with people there.

An important tip would be to ask questions instead of just talking about yourself and what you do! Asking someone how their day is going or tips to improve your career shows that you are truly interested in them.


3. Create a Referral Network: A business that relies on trust, like bookkeeping, can benefit greatly from word-of-mouth advertising. 92 percent of consumers worldwide believe they place more trust in recommendations from friends and family than any other type of promotion, according to a Nielsen study.

Most people will typically ask their friends, relatives, lawyers, business partners, and an endless list of other people they trust when they need a professional to complete work for them.

Incorporate a referral ask into your sales process to achieve this. The immediate aftermath of a transaction is the ideal moment to inquire. Customer satisfaction has a significant role in attracting new clients and fostering relationships with current ones.


4. Take advantage of Search job sites: You can find companies that are hiring full- or part-time bookkeepers by browsing online job listing forums. Jobs for freelance, part-time, and full-time bookkeepers are frequently posted on job networks like Upwork, Fiver, and Craiglist as well as on websites like HARO, Xero, and Quickbooks Pro. You simply need to persuade them that you're the ideal candidate and can offer a superior solution for their company's bookkeeping requirements.


5. Start a Bookkeeping Blog: One excellent method to gain recognition in your field is to establish yourself as a trustworthy resource for knowledge on accounting, tax compliance, and best business practices.

Most likely, your clients ask the same questions often, and you have the answers. You now qualify as an expert, and you can use your knowledge to attract clients. Blogs are a fantastic, cheap method to promote your company. Not to mention, it's a fantastic opportunity to meet people who share your interests. Clients will feel comfortable doing business with you if they can tell you are knowledgeable in your industry.


6. Speak at Corporate Events or Conferences: Giving a presentation at an event or conference that your target market will be attending, like a local business club meeting or a business training session, is one of the finest ways to discover new accounting clients.

Another option is to host your own webinar online. Here are a few pointers: Research the subjects, and use interactive elements like quizzes, movies, and graphics to keep your audience interested. After the webinar is over, you can post about it on your website or via social media.


7. Partner with the right businesses: You can also network with other professionals and provide complimentary services by forming the correct business alliances. You can offer services in your area of expertise by collaborating with these businesses, which will attract additional customers.

For example, make contact with a marketer who deals with regional small businesses if you want to collaborate with them. In order to suggest clients to one another, you might develop a relationship.

Once you are familiar with these companies, you may form profitable alliances that will benefit both parties.


8. Trade Reviews: Request that current clients submit endorsements on your behalf. To share these opinions, you can establish a feedback page on your website. It will also work to request reviews from customers on listing websites.

If the review is favorable, thank the reviewer. Even if the review is unfavorable, act professionally. Give them your phone number, express your regret without providing an explanation, and invite them to finish the discussion offline. Your proficiency may aid in attracting new customers.


9. Cold Email Potential Clients: Many people view cold emailing prospective customers as a last resort because it only has a 15% conversion rate. Reaching out to high-quality clients using cold emails can be successful if done right. To learn about potential customers and their businesses, you need first conduct thorough research on them.

This is due to the 50% greater open rates for emails with customized subject lines. Describe why you believe you are qualified to offer them bookkeeping services, taking care to avoid seeming pompous in the process.


10. Leverage paid marketing tools: An easy technique to boost traffic and subsequent conversions is through paid advertising. In contrast, investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies requires more time, and you typically don't notice returns right away after making improvements to your website.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and even TikTok advertisements can be successful if you're trying to reach a larger audience. According to research, sponsored Google advertising can boost brand awareness by as much as 80%. Paid advertising has a 200 percent ROI, returning $2 for every $1 invested.

You can also get in touch with the owner of a website that you know your customers frequent and request permission to post a banner ad for your accounting company there.


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