Google Sheets Expense Tracker Template

October 25, 2022

Google Sheets Expense Tracker Template

Google Sheets is a fantastic alternative to Excel, so it’s no wonder that so many people are looking for a Google Sheets expense tracker template online. The good news is that there are several Google Sheets expense tracker options. So whether you want a daily expense tracker for Google Sheets or something else, you’ll probably find it.

Here’s a little more that you might need to know about expense tracker templates for Google Sheets.

Is there a budget template for Google Sheets? 

Yes, just like Excel, there are many options for a Google Sheets expense tracker template, and many of them are available free of charge.

When you search the internet for this type of template, make sure that you specify whether you’re looking for a business or personal expense tracker for Google Sheets, and look at a few options before you choose the one you want to use.

Check out one of LiveFlow's Google Sheets Expense Tracker template for Google sheets:

What is the best expense tracker for Google Sheets? 

Most of the Google Sheets expense trackers out there are basically the same, so it’s not really a case of the best expense tracker for Google Sheets. More the best Google Sheets expense tracker for your specific needs.

Look on different websites dedicated to personal or business finance for sheets that you can use and adapt to your needs.

You can also create your own expense tracker for Google Sheets quite easily. Simply create a spreadsheet where you can enter the description of the expense, the date you spent the money and the amount. A total of all your monthly expenses is all that’s really necessary aside from that information, although you can also add reference numbers or invoice and receipt numbers if you choose to.

Is it easy to set up a Google Sheets expense tracker template? 

Yes, luckily, Google Sheets is very similar to Excel, so if you’re used to using Excel to set up spreadsheets, everything should be very familiar. Your Google Sheets expense tracker can also have all kinds of formulas, different sheets, named ranges and more, so you can do nearly everything that you would do on Excel.

Why is a Google Sheets expense tracker template a good idea? 

Depending on how your business is structured, there might be several people who need to share their expenses with your accounting department. Submitting receipts and credit card slips is one way to do this, but that makes a lot more work for your accounting team. Plus, if your team is spread out over a larger geographical area, that might mean they have to mail their proof of purchase information before they can be captured as expenses.

Creating a standard Google Sheets expense tracker template that your team can use for travel expenses, project-related expenses and more, and storing it in the cloud, means that everyone can submit their information quickly, and you always stay up to date.

Because Google Sheets works very much like Microsoft programs, most people also won’t have to learn too many new skills to use your new template!

Instant updates 

One of the best reasons to use Google Sheets expense trackers (and many other Google Sheets-based spreadsheets and tools) is that as soon as the information is entered and saved, it’s available to all authorized users. So there’s no risk that your team forgets to hit send or that it ends up in your junk folder for a week.

Google Sheets security tools also mean that you can set different permissions and lock cells with formulas, so it’s easy for everyone to submit their information when they need to.

Get More Out of Google Sheets with LiveFlow 

Google Sheets and other cloud-based resources really have made a huge difference in how companies communicate and share information. It’s a great tool for things like expense trackers, so your accounting team can get information about spending as soon as possible.

But Google Sheets can do a lot more for your business, especially if you also use LiveFlow.

The LiveFlow platform is designed to create a live link between your QuickBooks accounting data and your custom reporting spreadsheets. This means that whenever your accounting system is updated, your reports will be too.

The system allows you to map specific data to cells in your Google Sheets reports, and there are plenty of easy-to-use and adapt templates that you can use on the LiveFlow website.

If you recognize the potential of Google Sheets for your business and want to see what you can do (besides build a Google Sheets expense tracker), our team would love to chat. We’re happy to show you exactly how the LiveFlow platform works and how it can make sharing financial and sales data in your organization as easy as building a spreadsheet once.

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