How to Do Email Invoice in QuickBooks Online

August 11, 2022

How to Do Email Invoice in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is the most used accounting software package in the world. It is used by millions of customers around the world, ranging from small business owners to accountants and everyone in between. This is why it’s probably not too strange that many people ask if you can send an email invoice in QuickBooks.

The good news is that the answer is yes, and here’s everything you need to know about how to email invoices in QuickBooks.

Can I email invoices in QuickBooks?

Yes, you can email invoices from QuickBooks; however, before you can send an email invoice in QuickBooks, you will need to set up your email preferences.

To do that, you need to go to the QuickBooks Edit menu and then select Send Forms. Select Web Mail, and then choose the option to Add an email address. Fill out all the information, and click okay. As long as you have all the correct information entered here, you should be able to send email invoices directly from QuickBooks.

How do I create an email invoice in QuickBooks?

Creating email invoices in QuickBooks is very simple once you have set up your email preferences. All you need to do is go to Get Paid and then create the invoice. Make sure you have the recipient’s email address entered in the right field (and any other email addresses you want to copy it to), and then hit send.

You can also choose to send yourself a copy, which helps to ensure that you’ve set things up correctly and your email has been sent!

Can you email an invoice from QuickBooks Online?

Yes. You can send an email invoice in QuickBooks Online, and the process is very much the same as what you would do with the desktop version of the software.

How do I email invoices in QuickBooks 2022?

The process to email invoices in QuickBooks 2022 is very much the same as described above, and as long as your email preferences are set correctly, and you enter the email address to send to, you should have no trouble sending email invoices as you create them.

Invoices are sent as PDFs, so they can’t be edited by the recipient, and they can be opened by people who do not have QuickBooks.

How to Edit the Invoice Email Template In QuickBooks

Now that you know that you can email an invoice in QuickBooks, the next thing you might be wondering is how to change invoice emails in QuickBooks. After all, you don’t want to send your customers ugly, boring invoices!

This can be done directly from the email invoice template itself. Simply open a new invoice, and then look for the “current template” drop-down menu in the top corner. Select the template you want to edit or save your current template as a new template file.

Next, you can edit the various parts of the invoice, add your company information, a logo and more. You can even drag and drop different elements onto the invoice template to create a custom design.

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