Feature Launch: Edit your existing LiveFlow reports

March 25, 2022

Feature Launch: Edit your existing LiveFlow reports

Today we are excited to share that you can now edit the settings on your existing LiveFlow reports! 😍

Imagine you’ve imported an Accrual P&L, but later realized that you needed a Cash P&L.

Now you can simply go to Manage Reports and edit the report settings instead of importing a new report every time. 

In this first release, you will be able to 👇

  • Edit your filters (i.e. classes, customers/projects, locations, suppliers etc.)
  • Change your report from accrual to cash and vice versa
  • Modify whether your reports include links to QuickBooks and show subtotals as formulas

🔜 Next up, we are working on giving you the ability to edit date ranges and how your columns are displayed.

Install LiveFlow Google Sheets Add-on from Google Marketplace for free here.

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