Top Skills to Include in an Accountant’s Resume (Get Your Dream Job)

September 13, 2022

Top Skills to Include in an Accountant’s Resume (Get Your Dream Job)

Let’s be honest - nobody loves writing resumes (not that many people enjoy reading them either). They are a necessary evil, however, a summary of the skills and experience of the candidates vying for any position. It’s important that they are accurate, complete, and informative. If you’re applying for a financial position, you may wonder how best to formulate your CV. What exactly are the most important accounting resumes skills to include in an accountant’s resume?

In this article, we’ll run through what employers most want to see, and how to mould your accountancy experience to fit the demands of a competitive marketplace.

Accountant Top Skills and Proficiencies

Accountancy is one of the few true professions, and there are some universal wants that employers expect to see in a resume. The exact mix will depend upon whether you’re a tax accountant, auditor, or industry accountant. However, there are some universal requirements.

These include:

  • Arithmetic proficiency
  • Accounting knowledge
  • Corporate finance knowledge
  • Spreadsheet comprehension
  • Accountancy software knowhow
  • Legislative and tax comprehension
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Attention to detail and deadlines
  • Scheduling and time management
  • Confidentiality and professionalism
  • Communication skills
  • Report writing

As a rule, all resumes should lead with professional skills and qualifications and then include the more generic and subjective competencies (timekeeping, communication, attention to detail). These latter qualities are sometimes called “soft skills.” Let’s break down each of the above skills and competencies.

Arithmetic Proficiency

Although modern spreadsheets and accountancy software does much of the heavy lifting for you, it’s still important to be able to, for instance, estimate compound interest manually and understand the formulas underlying the calculations in a spreadsheet.

Accounting Knowledge

Obviously, you need to have a strong understanding of the essential components of accountancy – profit and loss, balance sheets, tax returns and more. A recognized professional qualification is probably the biggest must have in any accountancy person specification.

Corporate Finance Knowledge

Most significant accountancy positions will require applicant to demonstrate deep knowledge of how companies arrange their finances. Concepts such as tax efficiency, amortization, capital gains, share allocation, director dividends and other such concepts should be fully understood.

Spreadsheet Comprehension

A good accountant should know how to interpret a spreadsheet, as well as printed balance sheets and profit and loss statements. From basic Excel to bespoke spreadsheet apps, an experienced accountant will be able to work with a range of tools.

Accountancy Software Knowhow

Overlapping with the above ability may be an understanding of whichever accountancy platforms and analytic tools a company favors. Of course, we’d recommend familiarity with Liveflow, which helps you generate financial reports from Quickbooks while turbo-charging your spreadsheets.  

Legislative and Tax Comprehension

Ensuring IRS returns are accurately completed and that financial audits go well, an accountant keeps on top of current financial legislation, and all mandatory reporting requirements. Knowledge of GAAP (generally accepted accountancy practices) is essential.

Problem-Solving Ability

A good accountant is one of the few go-to professionals you can count on in a crisis. Therefore, being a calm, logical problem solver is a massive plus.

Attention to Detail and Deadlines

Accuracy is vital, as is keeping on top of corporate deadlines, quarterly and annual reporting dates, and other vital milestones. With regards to payroll, make any mistakes and you’ll soon hear about it!

Scheduling and Time Management

Good accountants know how to schedule their work, prompting their clients and colleagues early enough to obtain all the receipts, data, and documentation they need to hit filing and reporting deadlines.

Confidentiality and Professionalism

Needless to say, it is essential that accountants, who are privy to highly sensitive corporate information, are able to maintain a high level of confidentiality and security.

Communication Skills

It can be challenging to explain the intricacies of a company’s financial position, the state of play with regards to capital, investment, cashflow and other concerns which affect the bottom line. A great accountant can deliver topline information in an easy to digest manner that suits even executives who are less mathematically inclined.

Report Writing

Another aspect of communication is the ability to create readable, information rich but necessarily condensed financial reports, in collaboration with the CFO and their team. Liveflow features dozens of templates, covering every commonly requested financial report you can think of.


How to Present Skills in Accounting Resume Samples

To cram all the above qualities into one resume may seem daunting, but there are ways to shorthand some of these skills and competencies. You can list professional qualifications in brief and describe key roles which incorporate several of these skills in a single position.

You can get an example of an accounting resume from popular resume builder Zety, which provides some great examples of accounting resumes which do just that (as well as some examples of what NOT to do).

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