“LiveFlow brings more time back with better data to make correct decisions” - Case Study: 4B Marketing

August 12, 2022

“LiveFlow brings more time back with better data to make correct decisions” - Case Study: 4B Marketing

Tell us a little bit about 4B Marketing. What do you do, who are your customers and what’s your team size like today?

4b Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in Business outcomes.Our goal is for marketers to take back a seat at the table and produce measurable results while reducing costs, reducing risk, and increasing profitability. Currently, with 20 full-time employees and just as many trusted contractors, 4B Marketing works inside the tech, Healthcare, Alcohol, and Financial verticals with Clients like Cisco systems, Logicallis, The Urology Center of Colorado, F5, TechData, and more. 

Quick insights about 4B Marketing

Which tools do you use to be productive at work?

In marketing, we need a wide range of tools to efficiently do our jobs. This includes:

  • GSuite
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Hubspot
  • Monday.com
  • Screaming Frog
  • WordPress
  • Zoom
  • Zoominfo
  • Sprout Social
  • LiveFlow

What was the problem you were looking to solve when discovering LiveFlow?

The Approach we take with 4B is that we are a managed service business with a deep bench in marketing. Running our agency as a managed service business, I needed a way to look at forecasting and profitability in a scalable way by viewing metrics for clients and our  employee performance by month, quarter, and year.

For us it’s crucial to be able to understand where the Sales team needs to be focusing and working on bringing in more sales. The Revenue vs Actuals Forecast that I receive from my team allows me to see how the company’s revenue for the year will measure up against the goal and if the team members are on track to hit the target. 

Before LiveFlow, I had a clunky google doc that took me three days of manual data entry every month. I had hunted for a company that could get an automated solution for our problem for over a year with no luck. When we found LiveFlow, Clare on their team was able to set us up with a scalable solution within days, adding in extra layers of detail to ensure we had a high-level overview with easy options to drill down on P/L for each client and as a company as a whole. 

Why did you choose LiveFlow?

I had done many demos with competitors who didn’t understand how or why the solution we needed. On my first call with LiveFlow, they understood, immediately offered a great solution, and finished it quickly. 

Which value does LiveFlow bring to you personally and your team?

LiveFlow brings more time back in my day with better data to make correct decisions for our company and clients. LiveFlow also helped me understand our costs, which was previously very difficult to do. 

Anything else to add, please add whatever you think is valuable!

I could not recommend LiveFlow more, and very excited to put our new dashboards to use. 

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