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Clarissa W.
Clarissa Accounting

Review of LiveFlow

5 star review

"This add-on makes my analysis process for my clients a breeze now with a simple import button. I can import the reports by several different time frames, show the columns by different periods (the day is super helpful for ecommerce businesses), and even by vendors, suppliers, accounts. These are all super helpful for the clients I currently work with and the analysis process I provide to my clients. I can connect more than one company to the add-on and then it’s just there for me to open a report for a different company when I need that report, instead of having to install the whole thing multiple times. When I run a live report vs just importing it, every time I open the report, and I’m guessing the same is true if I just share the link to my client, the report will be updated with the most recent information or any changes that have been made to the reports. This is a gamechanger."