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Amy Alliman
Owner, Bookkeeper
Alliman Business Group

Review of LiveFlow

5 star review

This could, literally, save our firm dozens of hours every month. All the time we spend creating, exporting, copying, sharing, sending, revising, then re-exporting, re-copying, and reissuing reports to our clients on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis?

Well, it looks like LiveFlow can give us all of that time back. I can make a report ONCE and it's done. Like, for the YEAR. Updating all by itself. Every hour. And our clients can see their accurate, up-to-date reports at any hour of the day, any day of the week. Without me being involved in the process AT ALL.

Any more efficient and I would be obsolete.

Tra-la-la. I might actually get to go on vacation this year.

Why I had to live so long without this, I will never understand, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating it!

The creators have been awesome, and not only responsive and helpful, but also totally open to new ideas and suggestions. Working with us to create different customizations that fit our needs.

6/5 Stars.