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Amy Alliman
Owner, Bookkeeper
Alliman Business Group

Review of LiveFlow

5 star review

We LOVE LiveFlow. We are now taking on an unprecedented number of clients with all the new time we have! I'm in love with the fact that I can can make a report once, and then IT'S DONE FOREVER. Share it with the client, and I never have to think about it again. No more editing, no more copying and pasting data, no more exporting and emailing reports....AND YET, our clients are getting fresh, current, up-to-date, accurate, live data at any hour of the day...for the rest of time! And seriously, all I did was create a report. Once. I'm not sure life is supposed to be this easy. I feel like I'm cheating.

The dreaded month end scramble to get all the reports out to some 70+ companies is no more! Because, well, I did it in January.

Definitely recommend! Highest praise!